Were there any recent changes to the review policy of the submitted packs?

I’ve been selling on Marketplace for a year now. However the recent review process brings a lot of concerns. I’ve got two declines of the project in a row: for the wrong product title (I’ve used a combination of the words “street fighter” for a self-taught fighter character); and right after that for the usage of the font licensed under the SIL Open Font License (which is totally free to use font) for resembling Cyberpunk game font. Here’s the font, so you can check the resemblance… Glitch Goblin Font | dafont.com

Previously any minor issues would be sent to Changes Needed and could be updated by the author in a minute. The tricky combination of words in the title could have been fixed in a second, considering that the character has a unique design and 0 resembles to the series. It just happened that the series uses the word combination that describes self-taught fighters, who usually call themselves “street fighters”. Instead, I had to resubmit the whole project from scratch and wait three more days for any other possible issues that needed to be checked.

The fonts… Well. If anybody knows the way how to attach a license for the used fonts in the promotion materials for the reviewers, please let me know. I would really love to avoid the awkward rejections.

Declines take a lot of time, as the product that is being declined for a title has not been checked from the inside. Any further attempts to clarify such a radical rejection or get further feedback were ignored by the reviewer(s).

I am very curious, if there are any kind of issues that are meant to be immediately rejected (like the wrong title or artistic fonts etc) I would appreciate someone to share the list with me. (It seems the guidelines do not emphasize rejections unless the quality of the asset itself is weak).

If it is a mistake of a new reviewer, I would love to bring this topic further. Perhaps the person simply doesn’t know about the option to communicate with the artist and put the project in “Changes needed” so they reject it for whatever reason they find wrong…?

By this being said, have you noticed any increase in the declines of the assets recently? Or was I unlucky twice? =D Have there been any changes in requirements that went unnoticed by me? Is there a way to check who was the reviewer for each decline? (I feel like it could be the same person, as I never had any problems with communications with my reviewers in the past).

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Not directly, but I’ve seen people complaining about this and I have a feeling it’s more frequent than it used to be. It’s subjective though. But my guess is that with preparing for Fab launch new people are joining the team and they are not experienced and more subjectivity is at play (as let’s be honest, there is a lot of open to interpretation in submission guidelines).

I hope we find more creators and will be able to drive UE’s attention to the issue. Communication between the creator and reviewer was the strongest advantage of UE Marketplace. But once the asset is declined, these communications are cut. (At least I have never got any respond from the reviewer(s)

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