Were creating a team for 2 game projects, 1 hacks & slash style, 2 jrpg story type

Hey guy’s, I’ll get right down to it and tell you what were creating. We are in the process of creating a single team with 2 different types of game projects. Both have an anime feel with 1 being more of a hack & slash anime/toon style (like kingdom Hearts/PSO2) and the other being along the lines of a story driven j.r.p.g. This is a co-op indie project and we are drawing upon our skills and common interest’s in this particular genre to work with a single team in tandem. The deal is simple on the business end; the core team would divide an even split of profits for each individual game once they went to market. When the team is fully formed the contract details would be gone over and upon agreement and full consensus each member would sign a copy. The method we plan on using later on for funding the work once we have some good demo material to spark interest is Kickstarter crowd funding.

Some base work whether it’s along the lines of 3D design, locations, assets, story structuring are already in the early stages, we will share those details with interested parties only. This will be an “in-house” team developed project and there will be a confidentiality clause in the contractual agreement for teammates.

At the moment we are looking to add the following positions to the team we are building.

-Concept Artist (sketching, drawing locations and other assets for reference)
-Animator/Rigging (characters, creatures and other motion controls)
-Unreal Engine 4 Integration/Programming (someone experienced on the Unreal Engine side of the project)
-U.V.W Mapping assembly/stitching, prep work prepared for our texture artist (we are mainly using 3DS Max across the line for 3D vfx):

If you are interested in learning more send me a message.

Sincerely: Jamie Noe “Wicked Horizon Designs” team