Wepon is duplicated on client side

I have a problem which i can´t fix. I attach 2 images below in order to explain better the problem.
In the game i have weapon animations, the game is running on server the problem is that when I play an animation of a weapon in the server side runs properly. the problem is that on the client side the weapon appears twice.
In my blueprint i have a multicast custom event calling this animation so that the animation can de seen for all player but the client see 2 weapons when is playing the animation.
How can i solve this problem?, because i´ve tried making a lot of changes but unfortunatellly I couldn´t manage to get a solution.
Thanks in avance.alt


Can you show / explain how do you attach the weapon to the character? I see nothing wrong with the depicted blueprint so I think that the weapon is added twice - once by replicated from the server and once by attached by the client. ( I accidentally added this as an answer xD )

hi dzh0 thanks for your fast reply,
I´ll attach more images regarding how i attach the weapon, the weapon is attached when the caracter is spawn to world depending on enumeration which tells the character which weapon to chosse (pistol,rifle or shotgun) as you can see in the image below. For each weapon I have an actor class so i spawn diferent weapons which match with the combat type. in the blueprint these variable i don´t replicate because it an enemy bp and runs on the server, son i don´t know what I´m doing bad with this issue.

Can you show where the execution wire to that code block comes from? Knowing how it is triggered may hold the answer to the problem.

i solve the problem in my actor class wepon child i had the replicate box chacked