Went through all relevant videos - still haven't fixed animation problem.

At this point, I think I have actually completed all the blueprints I need to animate my android girl, but there is still a problem somewhere. Trying to have her idle, walk, and run with “idle” being the start/default animation. I set the “i”, “o”, and “p” keys for these motions. Though she “slides” around at the control of the w,a,s,d keys, and the mouse can “pan” her left and right, the idle, walk, and run just aren’t happening. She basically just slides around in a “crucifix” pose. As you can see in “Blueprint 5”, when I tried to set up the BlendSpace blueprint, I got a compile error. It mentioned the “idle” pose and said "not compatible"or “wrong skeletal mesh”. I’m 99% sure that I am supposed to have the “idle” mesh/animation at the top of the screen and pictured in the viewport, as it is with my character blueprint, as opposed to the “walk” one which is there instead. I am using iClone motions I imported in, one per character, as that is the only way you can do it. I attempted to use three motions that just occurred in place, but the walk one looked really crappy, so I ended up attempting to use a root motion “walk” instead, which looks much better. What is the source of the “walk” being shown in my animation blueprint, as opposed to “idle”? That is, where do I go to change it?

                                                                                                            Thanks much,

                                                                                                              Bill Carey

There are various issues with that screenshots:

You set your “walk pressed” and “run pressed” variables to false at both states (either pressed or released)… which does not makes much sense. You did not acutally show that you choosed the right anim-bp in your character BP. You did not execute that “set” nodes (with a white wire) in your anim-BP - only “red wires” (that means those variables would never be set). Even if those variables are unset your character should at least idle but it does not look like it does. It seems there is some error at your Blendspace player in the anim-BP but you did not show the error-message.