We'll need to be aware of the cloning process

This happened to me, i know it seems logic and something who all knows about, but i tought it was a process more faster than it is, even not using a SSD drive.

If you aren’t aware of this and close the launcher in-cloning, this process stops leaving a half-project clone.

I weren’t aware that when the process finish, the new cloned project shows up in the launcher, and from some ironic reason, the half-clone i made still worked as it should the next day i opened the launcher. Being happy but not aware to have a working half-clone in my computer for a long time.

It will be useful when you have to clone a 36 GB project to be aware of the time remaining, but will understand to leave this as it is if we can create cute working half-clones.

I know it’s only my fault, but i think this will be a good feature to avoid giving birth future mini-clones.

And, jokes apart, Thank You anyway, unreal 4 is a good engine, and i love it!