Well-clad females?

It seems the only non-stripperiffic female character is found in the military pack. And while that’s great for modern military games, I’m looking for something more steampunk-pirate.
The Hero Character pack has two characters that will work great for me – biker and pirate. But the female vampire? Not so much.
Even the Mixamo characters are so unbalanced. We have nice general-purpose males and mostly bare-midriff women. Maybe Zoe isn’t so bad, except the midriff, and probably the least detailed clothing of all the available characters… If I make a game with selectable characters, my wife and daughter want characters that are just as cool as my two sons want.

See what I mean? (Especially the difference in the space marine armor male versus female is … you get it)



Rather than say “oh boy, here we go…” I’ll post this video instead.


  • I’m thoroughly pro gamergate
  • I think the video above is brilliant
  • Sorry if that makes peoples heads pop

(mods feel free to pull out the lock cannon if you need to, for the record I’m sort of hoping the humor will help the conversation stay non nuclear)


Also, I have a huge steampunk pinterest board if it helps :slight_smile:

The last 5 seconds are the best :slight_smile:

Seriously, though: I’m pointing out that there is a hole here that some enterprising artist can fill, and they will get my money. Not everyone will like everything on the marketplace, but if there were some female heros less optimized for groping, I’d pay for that.

We are looking into any high quality character models that come in. So far we are mostly getting environmental models actually, so we are really interested in more characters. If you are an experienced modeler/animator, please submit your content. Personally I would love to see more variety in female character design, but I am also not a character designer. Anyone who is interested, please start submitting!

Also, the 4th female model from the left made me chuckle. That arrow placement is… special.


Bimborific (yes it’s a word Google it :slight_smile: )is so 1990’s

Hmmm… interesting.

So… hypothetically, if someone just happened to be able to make models like the one below, you think that might be the sort of thing that people would be interested in seeing on the marketplace?


Obviously you’d want to her have a full body and face rig with some basic animations bundled in with it…

I find the blue arrows in the first post screenshot much more disturbing than the clothing :smiley:

That particular character looks a little too meek for what I personally am looking for – more NPC than player. The fix may be as simple as new colors though :slight_smile:
Adding a little more attitude would be great – think Alyx Vance from Half-Life. Bad-asses who happen to be female.
Or, for that matter, Chel from Portal, although we almost never see her in the game.

Also, speaking of animations: Is it just me, or are the Mixamo Kachujin movement animations terrible? They look like an overweight ape staggering from side to side. People actually run with their feet under the center of gravity…

Luckily, players won’t see those.

Well there are gamers and then there are those who plays games and considering video games in general out pace all forms of entertainment “combined” story lines is of equal value to game play.

Assassin’s Creed and Tom Raider come to mind that if you read their fan forums the personalities of the characters, and a forward moving story, is the “thing” and like a soap opera one tends to get rather attached to the “actor” and not so much driven just by the game play or mechanics.

Long way of saying sure content that just works as a resource to fill space would be of value but as an opinion I would suggest avoiding the Hero stuff as the main characters requires extensive development over and above what you can or could buy off the shelf.

Yep, that’s pretty much why I don’t mass(ish) produce characters for asset stores.

That’s great for an artist-gamemaker, or a team with a character artist on staff.
For those of us who don’t have that (single programmers, for example,) being able to buy hero characters is important!
I’d rather have a generic hero than no hero at all.

Which is fair enough of course, which is why people like Mixamo do what they do.

Have you seen their fuse character creator?

Have no fear. I’m working on some ‘Generic’ humans for the marketplace. I’ve included edge looping which, when exported, would allow for modeling of various items of clothing (pants, shirts, short-sleeves, etc.) They should be done soon and submitted.

Yes. Unfortunately, for being a company that “specializes in motions,” their basic walk/run cycles look very unnatural to my eyes – the legs move in separate planes to the sides of the center of gravity, not actually supporting the dynamic balance of the character.