Welcome to the Mars 2030 Modding Community

Released today to developers everywhere, the Unreal Engine 4-powered Mars 2030 Editor brings tools used by the NASA Hybrid Reality Lab to test space simulations across 40 square kilometers of open Martian terrain. Get started with the tool by downloading Mars 2030 on Steam and accessing the editor from the Modding tab of the Epic Games launcher.


Fusion and the NASA Hybrid Reality Lab have already used Mars 2030 and the editor tools to build space simulations such as astronaut gravity testing systems like the ARGOSat Johnson Space Center. NASA’s Langley Research Center group also plans to test their new Mars TransHabitat inside of Mars 2030.

The Mars 2030 Editor features all of the 3D models, assets, audio, terrain and systems used to build Mars 2030 including:

  • 40 **km[SUP]2 [/SUP]**of HI-RISE terrain data (Mawrth Vallis).
  • Digital assets such as the MMSEV, Valkyrie, Z2 Spacesuit, Launch Entry Suit, EMC Habitat, Geolab Unit, Solar Panel Units, Geology Specimens, ECLSS, Hygiene Modules, Kilopower Stations, VEGGIE Unit, ISRU stations, Generic MDV and Copernicus MTV, Inflatable Field Camp Habitats, Sleeping Quarters, Galley and more.
  • A custom waypoint system and autopilot mode for driving the Mars Rover.
  • A custom physics system for 6-axis vehicle.
  • The ambisonic audio of an MMSEV.
  • A first-person astronaut character.
  • The ability to extract files and assets for use in other projects.
  • The ability to import terrain data for creating all-new environments.

Be sure to download the Mars 2030 Developer Book.

More information about building with the Mars 2030 Editor and upcoming mod challenges can be found in the editor book from the storefront or the Mars 2030 website.

It looks very promising for the future as a great VR experience.
I hope that the team behind this will provide other method of teleportation .
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Kalvothe,

I have a scenario to start with modding, I wanted to know whether it would be sufficient or not ? I want to build a package delivery mission.

  • If we have a Space Center like (International Space Center) orbiting Mars(which I saw in the trailer of the mod), then from their the journey starts, you will be introduced as an Astronaut and a package will be given to you. You will sit in a pod which will be launched to the base station.

  • After reaching base station you are need to pick the package and travel to base station, where you will need to go through certain procedures to get into the base station.

  • Inside base station once you submit the package, you are able to make some test onto the subject (which was in the package), in this manner I can use the inventory provided by the mars.

  • As I see on the base station there are variety of components and equipments. I want would be making a game logic, in which you support the facility at base station and start your journey from mars space station orbit.

How does it sounds to you, I haven’t downloaded the mod assets completely, yet I’m excited about it.


As ‘The ability to extract files and assets for use in other projects.’ is mentioned, what are the license terms for the said assets?

Do we really have to buy the game to use the mod tool? Because it can be downloaded from the epic games launcher right away without having the game, so I’m wondering if some elements might be missing.

Reviewing the license that must be accepted to install the mod tool.

I must first say, I am not impressed with the flexibility offered.
Secondly, I have concerns now that accessing the data for unreal to draw the mars surface may have additional roadblocks.

Aside from the constrictive nature of the license as I read it, I do not see the ability to export the content as this license states.

Can someone clarify that?

Is there a way to obtain the terrain information used. The material looks interesting also

I would hope that the root content of the mars surface is made available for all to use, it just does not make sense otherwise.
Alot of effort was applied, it would be a sad waste of time to repeat it. Again.

The game just crash, not even load. I wish to see the game running to see if worth download and install the mod editor. The funny is that the game was patched recently according to comments on the forum to fix lots of crashes. Im not using VR gear btw. The machine I have tried is the one used for UE4 game development and all engine versions from 4.8 and up to 4.19.1 never shown any issues so far.

When reviewing the License before downloading it is clearly mentioned that the assets can’t be use in any commercial games even if it is made with UE4.
That is the reason I remove the Installion after.
Pity that the NASA don’t allows us to use assets in UE4 commercial projects.:(.
But I wish some people will do some modding to enrich Mars 2030.

Amazing resources, but this community seems to have quickly gone silent.

how do you get this to work? I open up Mars 2030 Editor and get a black viewport, then I go to levels and load all but then it just crashes after loading for awhile. Is there a way around this?

Same here. When launched, just a black viewport There is the Valkyrie, the player start etc. but if I try to run or play, it freezes and crashes. How can we mod?
Thanks for your help

Almost a year later, same thing here, takes forEVER to load, stuck at 95% for a very long time, editor loads, I press play as others have said, and nothing, hangs.
How long must one wait for this to load and be playable ? I get its a HUGE map but…I finally just got around to wanting to try it, and wow what a waste of time, I really wanted to check this incredible project out.

Same problem here, I try and load it, it gets stuck at 94% and then… Blue Screen of Death.

So how to run Editor???

I had the issue too and I was pretty bummed by this. All I had to do was clear off my temporary files and voila… it’s running. Although I do face issues when I try to run maps in the viewport. They get stuck after I respond in them and I have to start the editor all over again. This does not normally happen when testing a game in progress. Any idea how to solve this issue?