Welcome to Hanwell: My first project, come have a look! (Survival/Psychological Horror)

Hello programmers, artists and gamers!

I few months ago I decided I wanted to make a game, I normally make films, but I really wanted to try my hand at telling a story through a different medium. After many many hours sat in front of the computer, I have something to show. As early in development as it is, I figured I need some kind of feedback. In case I’m not on the right track or heading in the wrong direction.

Be sure to let me know what you think, I welcome criticism (constructive at least), suggestions and of course praise if you think it is deserving!

Welcome to Hanwell is a survival horror game set in a universe where monsters, ghouls, ghosts and pretty much anything else in your nightmares are an everyday part of life. People have learned to deal with them, councils have formed to keep you wise and there’s nothing more terrifying than when you get it wrong.

An open world horror experience that I am designing in the hope that it will disturb you for hours in keyboard cowering entertainment.

You’ll notice a few marketplace assets, these are placeholders until my 3D artist builds replacements. And what isn’t replaced will be re-textured As brilliant as they are, I really don’t like the idea of them being recognizable from other projects.