Welcome! This forum now welcoming product design people!

We want everyone using Unreal to feel like they’ve got a home on the Unreal forums, so we’re extending this forum for those that work in manufacturing and product design. This means workflows around using CAD assets for visualization and experiencing design.

We’re doing this because Project Nile will be for Architects and product design people (along with others). We’ll be announcing some news around this at SIGGRAPH on July 31st.

guys i’m waiting since first koolala topic Unral will change communications in this so full world named “archviz”

thx for all

You’re welcome. We have a new beta of a CAD importer that should drive a lot of conversations. The news will go live today at some point.

In this industry it’s very usual to use commercial color coding as RAL or Pantone references, as the most accurate mode to agree finishings with customers. Would be nice having in near future releases mature procedures (shaders) inside UE4 material editor for achieving this needs. As a wish…

Thanks for that input. We need to get a proper “wish list” voting system up and running for enterprise. It’s on my list of “to dos”

Can I ask the price of those importers, since UE4 is free yet there is uncertain those tools would be the same.

Pricing and availability have not been determined. It is unlikely that these will be free.

According to me as important as good looks are, it is the user experience and human interface which are the cornerstone of a successful product.

Is the January 18 webinar which touched on this specific category available to watch online somewhere?