Welcome Back - Student Project - NAD


Today our team would like to share with you a game called Welcome Back which was our final University project at NAD.

It is set in a Sci-Fi universe and the story is about a man sent on a distant planet to investigate a strange distress signal. The player will have to use a device to manipulate time in order to complete his investigation.

The goal of this project was to showcase and push our skills as Environment Artists. We had 15 weeks to complete the game.

Core Team:
Philippe-Olivier Daoust-Delaunais - Level Artist
Julien Dastous -Technical Artist
Marc-Antoine Joly-Level Artist
Nicholas Lachance - Light Artist
Ka-Jonh Liu -Level Artist
Philippe René-Level Artist
Lucian Trestianu -Level Artist
Nicolas Vigneault-Gendron -Level Artist

Keven Ouellet- Character Artist
Blondel Paul- Animator
Matthew Smith -Character Artist
Nathan Giroux : Sound Effects
Joel Robichaud: Sound Effects
William Sylvain: Music



Gameplay and Editor Screenshots