Weirdness with Show Mouse Cursor not working

I’m trying to implement mouse-useable menus in a game that otherwise conceals the cursor. I can’t find any explicit calls to show mouse cursor, but when I set Show Mouse Cursor to true on the correct player controller, it behaves oddly: the mouse becomes capable of leaving the game’s window, but it remains invisible inside the game. Is there an obvious place I should start looking for the root of the bug?

Edited to add: if it’s relevant, this is the function I’ve been using to try and make the mouse visible. When it runs the mouse does not become visible, but it does lose focus from the window. After clicking inside the window to regain focus, the mouse escapes from every window edge.

Have you set the mouse cursor icon to, for example, “pointer” or “cross” at the PlayerController blueprint? I think it comes as “None” by default.

…okay, that is weird. I’d specifically checked the cursor icon earlier, and since it was set to “default,” I ignored it assuming that meant the normal arrow. At your suggestion I confirmed it was set to default, then changed it to a few different icons for laughs, and anything besides none and default result in it behaving as desired: remaining locked inside the window, appearing/disappearing based on Show Mouse Cursor, and correctly firing clicked and hover events.

So in short, you rock! :slight_smile:

If this fix does not work anybody. Go to world settings and set GameMode override to your GameMode.

This worked for me in an RTS game.