Weird violet lines in top view of UE-Editor

I probably pressed some button I should not have or something,
but suddenly I have weird violet lines in the top view of my UE-Editor.


Any idea? (I guess these lines are a help for some things I never heard of before.)

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I think it might be your sky sphere? :slight_smile:

Yes, that seems right.
When I change the “visibility in editor” of the skysphers the lines go away.
Thank you!

Any idea why they suddenly are visible?
Per Default I did not see them (like this).

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Not really sure about that. When you first go into ‘top’ view, the camera is often somewhere very distant, possibly even further out than the sky?..

But it’s always the case that you get the sky coming up like this.

I just double click in the Outliner on the actor I want to check/move, then the view moves so I can see that actor centered.

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That’s right, or F :slight_smile: