Weird UV error when importing a more complicated mesh? :<

Hi there!
I need help figuring out this error around the boots, braces, and teeth on my mesh. When in Maya the UV’s are just fine with the texture, but then i export them and import them in UE4 i have this huge error with the UV’s as if i have not unwrapped them at all. I thought it was my exporter at first, so i opened up the FBX file in Maya to see if the error is there too, but when i opened it up it looks just how i had it. The mesh is not rigged yet, just statitic.

Please help! :<

Help bump?

I don’t really know how Maya handles UVs, but there can be multiple causes for your issue :

  • Maybe your mesh has multiple materials and the wrong one is applied to the arms / boots in unreal
  • Check if the uv used in maya is only in channel 1
  • You can also check if the uvs where imported correctly in UE4 by opening the static mesh object from the content browser and enabling the “show UV” option on the top menu. Check also for the different uv channels to be sure.

Also try deleting the history of the model and freeze transforms before exporting it