WEIRD Unreal 4 Editor Glitches. Almost unusable for one particular map.

Hey, this is a weird one, see if you can figure it out. Unreal inexplicably started doing this since lunch today…

Anytime I press “play from here”…I am teleported to one of two spots based on my location in the map. and anytime I try to add anything (static meshes, etc.) to the map, it is teleported to one of the two spots and cannot be moved. Both spots exist at world center on the x/y axis but are at different points on z …

error pic 1_crp.jpg

error pic 2crp.jpg




error pic 4crp.jpg


error pic 5.jpg


It also renders the x/y axis as an object that cannot be clicked. Weird. Any ideas?

The map is playable but un-buildable as static meshes are forced to not be moveable when created all of a sudden, they are locked in position, and locked to spawn in a certain point.

Do you have a player start in the level?
It could be that you use meshes with a wrong collision which will “force” the mesh to spawn at a position outside of the collision -> check your collisions if you can see something strange :slight_smile:

-which engine version do you use?
-so in other maps it doesnt happen?
-what happens when you copy and paste everything into a new map?