Weird sphere caused by my blueprint

Hi guys ^^

I finally started my FIRST game in UE4 (after watching a lot and a lot of tutorials) and I’m still stuck for a lot of things but I’m learning lol

In my game, I need to have a camera, movable with arrow and ZQSD. So I make an Actor blueprint with a camera, but even if I have changed my default scene by a new scene, I have still a weird sphere :confused:

The sphere is center when I run the game from my blueprint, and it’s in very weird place when I launch the game from my editor. It drives me crazy x)
I read a lot of post with the same problem but I didn’t find any answer which work with me :confused:

Screenshots :

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: Sorry if it’s a noob question but I really thought tutorials were enough to start a game lol it’s harder than this :confused:

Player character without a mesh set if I recall defaults to a sphere.

Hi ! Thanks for your answer
I don’t understand, I don’t have any player character in my scene.

I’ve tried to add an empty character blueprint and an empty Player Start (below my scene floor) but there is still a sphere :confused:

on the blue print you have an item called “Root” i assume this is a “DefaultSceneRoot” instead of this, click the add component and type in “scene”. then replace that root node with the new scene component. That should get rid of the sphere. Hope that helps.

Goto Game mode and change Default Pawn to None


Yeaah thanks a lot it worked ^^

this saved us! thanks!