Weird Screenshot Problem

The High Quality Screenshot tool is giving me problems off and on. Sometimes it works great, other times I get these weird black partially transparent bars on it.

Hey oxygencube,

I have a few questions in order to help me assist you with troubleshooting this issue.

  • Would you mind providing me with the steps you are taking in order for me to reproduce this visual error on my end as well?
  • Could you provide me with your ‘dxdiag’ so I can take a look at your system specifications?
  • Can you reproduce this in a blank project, or is this project specific?
  • If you have it downloaded, can you test to see if the occurs in our most recent version of the engine (4.9.2), to see if it occurs there as well?

Thank you,

Hey… thx for trying to help

  1. Nothing crazy, just bringing up the High Res tool and taking a screenshot. Sometimes I get artifacts… sometimes not.

  2. Dropbox - Error

  3. I have had this problem in two different projects…

  4. Additionally, I have, since that first screenshot adding heightbased fog and get odd results in screenshots which aren’t there in play or the viewport. (
    I am using 4.9.2

Since I do not know what this project looks like normally, it is hard for me to determine what the difference between the two are. Do me a favor and take a regular screenshot of your viewport, and then take the same screenshot using the HRSST. Then provide me with the results so I can get a comparable visual.


I am having the same issue. Can you go into detail into how to resolve it?

A resolution was not reached as I need some comparative screenshots in order to determine what could be the cause of the issue. I cannot reproduce the issue on my end, so generating a report to have it fixed is not possible until I receive some reproducible steps.

Added a SS to the topic.

Here is a screenshot comparing clipping tool and HRSS tool.

Perhaps try using the Buffer Visualization in the HRSST to see where this artifact could be introduced?

I am not seeing this in my own project, what multiplier for the HRSST are you using?

I am having the same issue too. I’m woking using UE4 4.12.5.