Weird scale of text blocks after upgrade to UE 4.27

Hello, I’m upgrading my game (under development) to UE 4.27 after using UE 4.22 for a while. The biggest issue I caught so far is in the text blocks scaling, which is weird because I couldn’t find many complains about that in the forums.

See, this is a screenshot of a menu in my game, running in 1080p:

This is the same menu, now running in a lower resolution: check how the texts blocks are weird, mostly the space between each line; this issue didn’t happen in UE 4.22:

In the UMG editor, the issue doesn’t happen; as you can see in the screenshots below, the menu looks good no matter which resolution is being used in the preview:

Please, I need help. Like I said before, I couldn’t find anything in the internet related to this kind of issue and I don’t know what more I can do.

So, after further investigation, I found out that the issue is caused because my text blocks are inside a retainer box, and retainer boxes are very buggy in Unreal Engine, unfortunately. I fixed by reverting to a commit prior to UE 4.26.

In my previous post, I said I revert to an old commit of a file (which I didn’t specify, but I will do it now: it was the SRetainerWidget.cpp). It actually caused some other bugs, so this solution was not actually correct.

A new solution, which seems to be working fine, was just a small revert in the same file SRetainerWidget.cpp, in the function PaintSlowPath. I changed it to the following code and it seems to work fine now, at least to my case:

int32 SRetainerWidget::PaintSlowPath(const FSlateInvalidationContext& Context)
	return SCompoundWidget::OnPaint(*Context.PaintArgs, GetPaintSpaceGeometry(), Context.CullingRect, *Context.WindowElementList, Context.IncomingLayerId, Context.WidgetStyle, Context.bParentEnabled);