Weird reflection/shadow bug on my water only on sequencer?

Hi there. I’m very new to the sequencer and creating cutscenes/etc. I have a map that I got from the marketplace and I wanted to do a simple cutscene where a dragon appears on the map and burns down some destructible meshes. All look good on the viewport/standalone however the cinematic makes the water I’m using (its just a material instance applied to a plane) have some kind of weird reflection/shadows. I have cast shadows disabled, however here is how it looks: (warning, might be high audio, sorry about that!)

Could someone help me diagnose what the issue might be here? I tried messing around in the Sky Sphere/atmospheric fog and have set the post process settings the same for the camera actor, however could not find a way to solve this. Appreciate any help! Have a great day/night.

OK, if anyone else has an issue like this be sure to check your water material, I fixed this by reducing the Fresnel. That was causing the issue, nothing else.