weird player start location


I have an issue with spawning the player after map transition. I do level streaming - in one map the player enters a blocking volume, blueprint loads the next map and unloads the first one. Once, the player is spawned correctly at the Player Start. The other time it is spawned somewhere far under the map. It goes exactly alternately. I click play - spawn is ok, stop and play again - spawn is wrong, stop and play again - it is ok again!

I noticed that at the beginning of a game something like PlayerStartPIE is spawned and at this location the player is sometimes spawned. I delete it by Get All Actors… and it doesn’t appear in the editor. No matter, in 50% the player is spawned there. I have no idea what is going on. I tried Standalone mode and it is the same.

When you are respawning your player, you could find your playerStart with “find all actors from class” node. Then make sure you will have only one of those actors and take it’s transfrom with “get actor transform” node. Then when you use “spawn actor from class” node you put your playerStart transform to spawn actor transform and make sure you will always spawn the actor to your playerStart location. Also you should make sure from your actor BP under Pawn section that your actor can be spawned.

I think the player start has options for how to handle spawning the player if a given location would cause the player to spawn in a way that intersects with some geometry, etc. By way of troubleshooting you may want to take a peek at that. It’s possible that the spawn location is colliding with something and the system tries to spawn you another location instead.

I’m facing a similar issue, no solution yet. I have put print strings everywhere. It seems to work fine in PIE for me but in packaged game, the whole system gets glitched out with the above quoted problem.

If you’re using streaming, you need to actually have a player start in the map, and put your player there ( with BP ), otherwise they fall through the map.