Weird player floating bug

For whatever reason the player floats in mid air whenever I jump and the worst part is its permanent only if I stop simulating it goes back to normal

Hey @Play_at_NT!

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you are seeing? Does the animation not complete or does the character float at that height even when the ground beneath changes?

Any additional specifics you provide will go a long way in solving your problem!

@Quetzalcodename here it is:

@Quetzalcodename and by the way this was the image before I jumped:

Hey @Play_at_NT,

Is this on a fresh project? Have you altered the animation blueprints or blueprints for your third person character at all?

@Quetzalcodename yes i have following Gorka Games’s RPG series tutorial

Hey @Play_at_NT,

What changed between the character working as intended and what is happening now? Would you mind sharing screenshots of the blueprints/ABPs you changed when the error occurred? It’s hard to tell what could be going wrong with so little context given.

@Quetzalcodename ok:


Should I also share what I did in the event graph?

From the screenshot you provided, I guess this ToFailing is the normal state, if my guess is correct, then you should modify the direction of the link between Failing and ToFailing as well as the judgment condition.

In general, there should be three states, Normal (aka normal walking state), Jumping, and Landing, but judging from your screenshot, there’s something wrong with your state configuration

Hey @Play_at_NT,

This looks to be based on the third person character template. If that is the case, where are your to land and land nodes?

Hey @Play_at_NT,

Checking in! Did the above provide the solution you needed? Are you still having trouble with your animation states?