Weird outlines appear when using Sequencer Cinema Cameras

I was animating a couple of cameras in the sequencer and everything (meshes) showed some weird yellow outlines, this only in the sequencer cameras. I fiddled with the camera settings trying to figure it out and found that when I turn the Focus Method to ‘None’ these outlines disappear. I tried redoing the focus with the Depth of Field settings but as I increase the Scale, a similar (but not as defined) effect happens. Then, I was trying to play around with the lights and the post processing volume, etc and found that if I pop on(the thing jumps from 0 to 10 000 in value) the Fog Cutoff in the Distance Height Fog, the outlines go away. This only happens in the Sequencer Cinematic Cameras, the player cameras (i tested with the 3rd person template) and the viewport cameras don’t show these outlines.
In this scene I have a post processing volume set to ‘Unbound’, with the normal Color Correction/Grading settings, some Grain, a Lens Dirt Map, a Vignette and some Chromatic Aberration. I have some Point Lights and SpotLights throughout the scene (all the lights are set to Dynamic/Movable). I also have this Exponential Height Fog (Volumetric Fog turned OFF).

I was originally setting this scene up in Unreal Engine version 4.17.2, but version 4.18.0 just came out and I tested and the problem still occurs in v18.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing the effect (when the camera had the Focus Settings ‘on’) and without the weird outlines (when I turned off the Focus to ‘none’ - similar to when i turn up the Fog Cutoff but keep the focus on the sequencer cameras):

  • with the problematic outlines:


  • without the outlines (camera with focus set to ‘none’):



Thank you for the screenshots. It seems like there are a lot of different variables that could be causing this and I can’t seem to reproduce it on my end. Would it be possible to get the steps that you took when you initially started to notice this was an issue or a clean project that you are seeing this in? It may be settings interfering with one another such as the lighting and the PostProcessVolume etc.

-Thank you

Hello! Thank you for the reply!
Meanwhile I’ve been testing things and I couldn’t find a pattern in this behavior…I even deleted all the lights, fog and postprocessing volume from the scene to see if it would disappear and the outlines were still appearing… Coming back to a previous version of the scene the outlines were still there…I was checking the camera settings again, and turns out that if I drag up the “Min Fstop” and then put back the values (I was using the preset value of 1.2) minimized the effect a lot. These outlines seem to be related to the Camera Focus, it looks like the outlines only appear in objects that are out of focus or in parts of objects that aren’t sharp. I will be working on another scene so if I gather any more information I’ll add a comment here, meanwhile I’ll try to recreate the effect in a blank new project to see what I can gather.


I was checking in to see if you had found any more information that could lead me to being able reproduce this. If you have, let me know and as well any details on how you have your project is set up and I can take another look at it.

-Thank you

Sorry I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem any more…I tested with a blank project, I created a new one and even couldn’t make it happen again in the same project. I’m attaching screenshots of the settings of some elements in the scene:

-Direct Light

  • Sequence in the Scene

  • Cameras (all the cameras have the same settings)

  • Post Process Volume

  • Atmospheric Fog

  • SkyLight

-Exponential Height Fog

I hope this helps in some way :S, I’m too new to UE4 so it might have been a bad setup from my part. Sorry for not being able to reproduce the problem again…


I have gone ahead and applied all of the settings that you have posted above and am still unable to reproduce the issue. If at any point you manage to reproduce it or come across any more information that may help me to do so feel free to post it here and reopen the issue. I can then take another look at it. Below I have posted a few screenshots of what the map looks like with the settings above applied, one playing in Mobile Preview, one in Standalone, and one in PIE.

Mobile Preview



Yes, unfortunately I’ve not been able to reproduce the issue again yet. As soon as it happens again or if I find something that might help solve the issue I’ll update here. Thank you very much for your help/feedback. :slight_smile: