Weird normal's issues with Geometry

I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. I have vehicle data from CAD that is in FBX format. The vehicle has been professionally cleaned up for renders. Everything looks perfect when I first import it it using Datasmith, but when I try to publish the game it adds these normal’s triangles to every edge of every static mesh. Before packaging it up I can open and close the editor and it always looks nice. It only does this after packaging. Then it looks like this all the time. I have tried opening the meshes in the mesh editor and then click mesh editing tab and click on EditMode. The normal’s go away, but as soon as I package it, it goes right back to looking funny. I have brought this same model into unity and do not have this trouble with normal’s on the edges at all.

Am I missing something or does Unreal just not handle Geometry as well as Unity and other modeling programs out there? Seems like since it is fine when imported it has something to do with a bug or issues in Unreal…

Unreal Version 4.21.2