Weird NavLink CustomLinkId behavior 4.25

Im having an issue where my Navlink CustomLinkIds are 0 and even though my Path recognizes it contains a NavLink I cant access it. Code below:

TArray<FNavPathPoint> Points = NewNavPath->GetPathPoints();
if (NewNavPath->ContainsAnyCustomLink())
{ for (int32 i = 0; i < Points.Num(); i++)
  [INDENT=2]if (NavSys->GetCustomLink(Points*.CustomLinkId))
  [INDENT=3]INavLinkCustomInterface* CustomNavLink = NavSys->GetCustomLink(Points*.CustomLinkId);[/INDENT]


ContainsAnyCustomLink() is returning true but GetCustomLink() returns null.
Any ideas? thanks

Solved: Solution was to make sure to empty the SimpleLink Points array as the SimpleLink conflicts with the settings on the SmartLink

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!!That’s what i’m looking for!!! Thank you so much bro!!! : ) :cupid: :cupid: :cupid: