Weird momentary freeze when first selecting a static mesh.

Hi guys,

Im very new to this, just in the learning stages, so this may be totally normal, but doesn’t seem so.

Basically when I select a static mesh that is fairly detailed for the first time, the program becomes unresponsive for a short time, then responds as normal. Depending on the mesh it is sometimes longer than other.

I first noticed this when using the"kitedemo" kit with the “foliage” tool. When I try to click drag it up, to the “add new foliage type” this happens, so I have started double clicking the mesh first to load it, then after it opens the window for it, Ill close that and drag it up. This basically keeps it from freezing for longer times.

Using 4.14 and my computer build is as follows.

CPU: Intel 5960X overclocked to 3.8
RAM: 16G at 2666mhz
Samsung PRO SSD
Nvidia Geforce GTX980 Super Clock edition at stock clock.
ASUS 99x Deluxe MOBO

Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.


Not all assets are loaded into memory until you select it’s thumbnail. Some assets like in the kite demo is fidelity heavy, 8k textures for a rock really??, so it can take time to load in some assets into memory.

Got ya, makes sense. I have actually been reading up on that pack and started to realize just how hardcore the assets where. I read some people with computers that are by no means “weak” having issues with that pack crashing the system.

Also tried to overpopulate the map with assets from that pack and then render it, well 16G ram was not enough to say the least, Ill boost that up to 32g since 16g did not properly render, Dark spots all over and off in the distance trees looked “rugged” for lack of better terms. I would also assume that since I know very little that I also did not have it optimized correctly, only time, practice and experimentation will tell.

Thanks for the response.