Weird Mesh "Deformation Issue" when importing new Animations?

Hey Guys,

Ok, So I have these new Animatons that I have imported into the Editor and they where built based on the Epic Skeleton, however there was more sockets so I added those before the import.

However, after the import, the new Animations plays on my new Mesh, However, it has “Deformed” the Mesh now.

Question 1:

In the Skeleton Tree, when i added those new sockets to match the source skeleton of the new animation, does the hiearchy have to match or is just having the correct “bone name” ok?

Question 2:

How can I keep this new animation from “Deforming” my Mesh when it plays?


Ok, I just figured out what is happening, I just don’t know how to fix it.

The bone named upperarm_twist_01_1 (which is a standard Epic Skeleton Bone) is getting twisted when the Animation gets imported into the mesh and i do a preview to execute the animation.
The Mesh gets deformed “Before” I run the Animation.

My Now question is this:

Am I going to have to modify this Animation in a program like Maya so it will “Match” up to my Mesh, OR can I some how fix this in the Unreal Editor?

Does the “Local Location” in the Editor overirde the Animation OR does Animation Dictate where the Bones should be?

How can I get past this Guys?


If the joint has a constant offset, say you need to rotate it 90 degrees for the whole sequence, it is easy to solve. Go to the animation previewer in UE4. On your left you have the skeleton tree. Select the joint that is bad and rotate it until it is correct. Then you press the large + icon at the top shelf to add an additive key. You can continue to add keys to the additive track in the timeline below by going to another frame. When you are done, press Apply and save the asset.

Thank you SO MUCH! I am going to try this right now. I saw allot of others have this issue, and I started to get worried.

Let me try this and I will post the results.



it worked - it worked - it worked!

You are my Hero for Today :slight_smile:


If you are using the unreal skeleton you should now be able to export the animation as an FBX, and manipulate it again.

In the future to avoid issues you can try my plugin for blender. If you have your custom mesh weighted for the unreal skeleton and you have all the bones in order it should work fine.

Wow, thanks. I don’t know Blender, but have seen many things on it. Perhaps I should try using it.