Weird Line on texture

Hello everybody, I’m new on UE4 so my questions can be a little dumb. But i didn’t find any answer on internet. On my landscape and my meshes i have strange lines between the tiles. I made differents textures and i have the same issue with all of them. I create seamless texture and in order to exclude a texture seam issue i tried with seamless texture from the internet. Still the same issue. I know it must be easy to solve but i can’t figue it out.

Exemple here ( I know texture are disgusting, i’m just trying some stuff

PS: Sorry for the english, not a native speaker at all

Thank you for your time

Here is a picture of my texture. I use translation in photoshop and the duplication buffer in order to make my texture. It’s weird because i don’t have this issue before or maybe i have never seen it… I tried to rebuild light, nothing has changed. It seems to be at the junction of the tiles

Hello Keijifox, I can’t see a photo, but I think that you mean some black weird lines that don’t disappear on your landscape, right? I don’t know if you already fixed it, because you wrote your question in June. But here’s the solution. That is just a light problem, the engine don’t know how the lights have to shine, so the only thing you have to do is to go to the option ‘Build’ in the upper part of your engine and then click on the arrow right next to it, and then select build lighting only. Then you have to wait sometime and after it’s done, the weird lines are gone.