Weird Lightning when the player moves

Hello there!
recently i found some time to create directional movement etc. for my game.
However when testing some other BP, I saw that everytime i move a certain weird light will shine on my Player…
I’ve attached a Video so you can understand it easier and i hope that mayb somebody will know what’s going on there haha.


Hey @prodbycan welcome back to the forums! That does look a bit odd, especially since it’s not visible on the environment. My first question would be if you have a directional light outside of your facility? It doesn’t quite look like it’s bleeding through as the environment doesn’t reflect anything. If you do have one, try a quick run of disabling it then seeing if you see anything and let me know how that goes!

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Hey there!
I tried it and it sorta fixed the problem. The light flickering actually goes away but then causes my character to look a bit of orange, could this be cause of my interior lightning or is it caused by the missing directional lightning?

A little bit of column A and a little bit of column B! So your directional light was probably washing the orange tints from your skylight/bounce lighting out. Now that you only have the skylights/skybox’s orange ambient coming in and your internal lights, you’ll have to find a different balance. If you need to go outside I’d recommend (and this is messy) leaving the light off until your character goes outside (or is about to) or making a single solid blocking mesh above it if the facility is small and you have to transfer outside frequently. There’s definitely a better way for this, but by no means am I a lighting expert. If you have any more questions, let me know!

Hey mate!
thank u for your solution! I experimented a bit with your solution and found out that if you set the directional light to movable it fixes the lightning errors too :slight_smile:

Since it’s 2am in my country it’s time for me to go to sleep haha.

Have a good night and again thank you for todays help!


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