Weird landscape blending

Hi there!

I been working on my landscape material for awhile now and i got this problem with the 4th layer (last layer) that i created in my landscapematerial.

It blends realy weird when I use 1 macro and 1 noise texture that I either lerp or multiply with each other. If I only use one of them it blends normaly like all my other layers. See Picture for the weird blending that is happening.

I’m using a macro and a noise texture with my grass layer that you can see in the same Picture and it blends with the other layers as intended.
Any ides what could be causing this and any solutions?

Hey Blackrock,

You seem to be missing the your Landscape Layer Coordinate nodes within your material which are needed when creating and painting landscape materials.

We have some really helpful documentation that will point you in the right direction.

Creating Landscape Materials

Painting Landscape Materials

There are different blend mode types when blending your textures within the Landscape Layer Blend node. Here is a more technical guide that also has helpful information on Landscape Materials.

Landscape Materials

After following the documentation, you still have questions and issues with your material, let me know and I will continue to assist you.

Thank you,