Weird issue when changing the Visibility of a widget multiple times in the timeline


I have an issue when I try to toggle visibility of a widget. Here, I have set the visibility of an image on “Hidden” in the beginning. Then I added some keyframe and I set them, alternately, on visible and hidden. The sixth and the last keyframe is on hidden so normally, the picture with the dog must appear 3 times then disappear in the end. But it doesn’t. It’s like if the last keyframe did not exist and the picture keeps hidden. If I move the keyframes or delete others track (the transform track in my exemple), sometime it is fix. Sometimes it is not. I also believe it happens only when I do many changes, many alternations. A few weeks ago, I made a few dialogue subtitles and it was a pain in the ■■■. Do you know what it happens ? Did I do something wrong ?

You can see the result here : [video][/video]

Ok, I fixed it by adding a keyframe in the very ending of the timeline, set on “Hidden”, like the very first keyframe. Apparently, it needs that the first keyframe and the last must be set the same way. Though, I’ve just delete this last keyframe and it still works, lol… So, really, I don’t know… Maybe it’s just a weird bug of UE but I think I have find the remedy… I believe… (maybe it’s just a coincidence so fingers crossed !)

The result : [video][/video]