Weird issue in MP, only on DEDICATED server

Hello Everyone,
I am experiencing a weird behaviour in my game. I have everything working in MultiPlayer, but this only works if the Server is NOT dedicated.

Video for clarity:

A couple of details:

  • I replicate Yaw and Pitch on servers.
  • I use a Character BP separated from the Weapon BP.
  • My Character capsule is set up to ignore collisions of a “bullet” channel, which is where the bullet tracing happens.
  • My Character mesh is set up to block only the same “bullet” channel.
  • I use FABRIK but even removing them didn’t change anything.
  • “simulate skeletal mesh on server” is checked.
  • This behavior is the same even for 3 players (so definitely one is not local): all of the 3 see the same thing with a listening server, but not working on dedicated.

Is there anything I am doing wrong? What can I check?

This is how I set up my yaw/pitch:

This seem to work since I can see the correct pitch/yaw reported from the server:

Any help would seriously be appreciated, this is a major drawback in what I am building unless I can fix it…

Thank you…

In case someone encounters this issue: ensure that in your Character BP, your mesh has the “Mesh Component Update Flag” set to “Always Tick Pose and Refresh Bones”.


**I just want to add something, because I investigated such a problem for hours now. And the solution in these threads and answers are not up to date, because a option called **"Mesh Component Update Flag is not available anymore.
Here my problem and solution. Would be happy if someone can explain more:

I had a problem which is very similar:
On multiplayer when plying in PIE (new windows) just with a client, i discovered that my AI line trace is not hitting player pawn. I investigated hours now and find results I do not have a solution for:

  • When a “Server Player (listen server)” is in the game and is watching the AI hit Clients per Line trace, then everything works fine.
  • Also when I do a PIE “Simulate” and watch AI is line tracing some player paw BPs, everything is hitting well.

But it stops hitting well, when I am on the server with clients alone. Or when I am on the server with clients and a “server player (listen server)” and the “Server Player” is not looking to the clients so the clients is not rendered on in the “server player view”.

Yes, sounds confuse. But I retest and re-tested and reproduced for hours now. I can easily join in PIE (New windows) with two player, one Server and one Client. And when the Server-player is watching the clients, then the AI on the server hits the clients-pawns. If the server-player is looking in another direction, then AI is not hitting the clients-pawns.

After hours of testing and reading I found this: I think I got it. WTF. I found a similar option in the mesh of the player and AI pawns, named “Visibility Based Anim Tick Option”. I switch it from always tick pose to always tick pose and refresh bones. That’s seems to help. I did it on both pawns, my AI pawns and my player pawns. Now my AI is line trace hitting player pawn also when only client pawns is playing.
If someone can explain that and tell me if that is the solution to use for that, would be nice.

Thanks a lot and best regards

It worked for me too. You are my hero!

Dude thank you so much!