Weird issue adding .fbx models... They all become a super small scale version

I’m currently using Maya 2014 and I’m exporting my first ever rigged model and the scale looks perfectly fine in Maya. When I export it warns about constraints not working and I need to bake(Don’t really know how so meh) and it allows the export so I’m figuring that’s not the issue. However on importation on the file the dog becomes almost unseeable a example is;

Hopefully someone else can point me in the right direction of importing the correct scale of .fbx models using Maya. If you’re looking for the dog model heres a quick download link;

I have same problem with Blender. Could it be possible to have some rescaling options when UE4 imports the data ?

Yeah that seems like a really useful feature I was thinking it was odd that it wasn’t in it to begin with.

Edit found the solution, they should really add that scaling for the import as-well.

I have this too, thanks for solution S0T0!