Weird glitch (most likely just my fault) importing world from World Machine

Hello, I am new to Unreal Engine 4.

I am trying to start off low, just by importing my created World Machine world into UE4, but that seems to be not successful.

Here is what I do step by step:

STEP 1: I create and export my world from WM.

STEP 2: I create a totally fresh and empty project.

STEP 3: I enable Windows>Levels aswell as World Composition in World Settings.

STEP 4: I import Tiled Landscape that I made in World Machine.

STEP 5: When it’s all imported, I mark every bit of world and press Load.

STEP 6: I am disappointed in the results as they are far away from what I want to achieve.

Seems like if even those lines would be correctly aligned, they would not make this world.

What is the thing I am doing wrong? I am new, so I most likely do something wrong.