Weird GI results

Hello everybody
I am testing some different settings for my interior scene, and afetr a long building with hi settings I got this weird GI solve:

These are some of the values in the World setting:

This wall is part of a Loft, so the proportions are ok. For the walls, floor and ceilings the lightmass is 2048, and furnitures and decoratiosn props between 512 and 1024.

Any idea about what is going on here?

Thank you so much!

Probably the static lighting scale…try with a value of 1 (default) to see if it’s better.

Thank you! you were right. I tried with a value of 0.5 and the result was smoother. I try to find the good balance bestrewn good smooth and Indirect shadows.
Thank you!

I tried to go very low on the static scale, like Rafareis, but apparently he tweaked the ini too…this is something I’m not comfortable/patient enough to do lol.

Yes, you are right. The point is the ini file, I hope he share some more values :wink:

Also, your lightmass build time will be much better if you lower the lightmass Quality setting, that’s pretty high value