Weird ghost lighting after movement against dark background

As you can see in the video in the area of the door there are some artifacts of vertical lines which appear every time there is movement. I have not changed much from the default settings, so what could that be?

Hi Zanzoken,

My first 2 thoughts are that it might be related to Lumen or Raytracing.

You can try disabling Lumen with Project Settings → Dynamic Global Illumination Method → ‘None’

And Project Settings → Support Hardware Raytracing → ‘False’

I’d also be curious to know if this is only happening when scrubbing the timeline, or if you see it in the flying camera view when playing too.

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Hey Astrotronic, thanks for your reply.

Disabling Lumen helped a bit, but it would be quite a shame to disable Lumen and also the issue is not completely gone. Also I realized that the lighting looks very grainy. Why is that?

This is with Lumen disabled:

So the issue was caused by temporal AA. When I disabled it, the issue disappeared. Which other AA method is advisable if temporal AA causes such issues?

Glad to hear you figured it out. Good question about AA method. I found this post which has some good infos.

There’s also the new / on by default 'Temporal Super-Resolution" which looks to be an upsampling approach. (Good for FrameTime/FPS but maybe not as useful if you’re rendering out videos)