Weird export/import settings?

I have a model that looks fine in Maya. It looks fine in Painter. But when I import it into UE5, there’s some weird funky-ness going on with some of the rounded surfaces. To be more specific, parts appear to be shadowing is if they were hard-edged instead of being all smooth. I tried adding more geo, but the problem is still there, just spread across 4 polys for every 1 of the original. Here’s some shots to show exactly what i mean. I removed all baked maps, just to be sure that it wasn’t something weird with that or anything else I did in Painter. I’ve tried a lot of options for fbx export from Maya, and importing into UE5, but they all look the same not matter what I try. And importing the OBJ… well who know about the shading on it when it appears to have self-decimated on import :frowning:
Any thoughts on resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

If this happened with Blender, it would be because I’d forgotten to set ‘shade smooth’ before exporting. I assume there’s a Maya equivalent?

yeah, in Maya you smooth shade things by setting the edges to smooth or hard edged. In the Maya viewport, dotted lines are smooth, solid lines are hard. i was definitely looking into both the maya export and ue5 import settings to make sure it was keeping that info.

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In Maya, in the FBX export options, in the geometry section, make sure smoothing groups, and triangulate are checked on.