Weird error involving a function/node I can't find anywhere

Here’s the particular error I get from PIE complimentary AnswerHub post

>Accessed None ‘CallFunc_GetPlayerCharacter_ReturnValue3’ from node CheckEndGame in blueprint MyController

When I follow the link in the editor it just takes me to MyController to a function where there’s nothing in it and it’s not editable. I’m guessing it’s inherited from a parent.
I can’t find CheckEndGame anywhere, like I’ve looked in everywhere. I’ve looked through the hierarchy from MyController->MycppController->Aplayercontroller->Acontroller->…->Ubase class, and nothing.

Anyone seen this before even? Searching “CheckEndGame UE4” only gets results for UDK/ue3

I’m pretty sure, but not 100% sure that this error is caused when the Server(nondedicated) possesses and calls a multicast event on the pawn. This will replicate the pawn to the clients, but the pawn’s owning actor is set to the Host now. On the clients they were the owner because they were possessing it.

This results in the server possessing the pawn on all clients, which kicks the clients off the pawn. Then the weird stuff happens (I guess this is like a fringe case) at location 0,0,0 is where the player’s camera goes when this happens. Also when this happens a new controller is made for each of the clients, so I assume they’re given a blank character at the origin when their character controller is no longer possessing anything. A sort of garbage collection happens. Which I’m guessing the state where a controller does not possess anything anymore causes a call to the function CheckEndGame, and subsequently the garbage collector.

let me know if this sounds wonky.

Also if anyone knows where I can find CheckEndGame or documentation/comments you’d be my hero.

Did you ever solve this?, I’m pretty sure I’m having the same issue. I have a workaround where I check in the tick if the controller is possessing any pawns if not then do the possession manually. It’s a workaround that definitely wont be scalable so any tips would be appreciated.