Weird DataTable Bug


I think I found a very annoying bug regarding DataTables. I managed to write me a c++ class which lets me import my custom csv files as data tables. It is all working fine. But as soon as I restart the editor, I get a compile error message, which is caused by two blueprint notes suddenly not connected anymore (In this case: out row to flame table):


The Picture shows exactly what I find after restarting the editor. The two nodes are not connected anymore, the datatable asset is still selected in the left note. Funny thing is, I cannot reconnect the two nodes, before I reselected the datatable in the left node, even though it is already selected. After that, I can connect the two nodes, play my game without issues until I restart the editor…

I am getting the exact same error. I need to switch my data table to “none” and then back to the one i was using before blueprint will allow me to connect the break node again. Fixable, but annoying :frowning:

Sorry to hear that…

But actually good to know, since I considered having made an error writing the c++ code. Hopefully somebody can clear this up for us!

This is just a bug. AFAIK it’s fixed in 4.6 Preview and later, though.