Weird creature behavior

So recently I’ve been working on my mod, and I wanted to add my own mini-boss that can spawn in the map alongside other alpha creatures. Simple enough, right? Well, the idea is that the minibosses will be humans in tek suits, that have tek rifles, that you can fight to acquire resources to craft other items in my mod.

But now I’ve stumbled upon a lot problems, and although I’ve worked my way through many, I have one that I just can’t figure out.

Let me explain some base things first:
My human enemy characters use the Bot AI controller, which is the AI controller for the corrupted avatar minions in the genesis 1 boss fight.
This already opposed a couple problems; As the corrupted avatars would only spawn in the boss fight, they naturally lack a lot of normal creature behavior. They don’t wander when neutral/passive, as they were coded and made to be aggressive to players. This was easy to change.
Another thing is that this human enemy of mine uses a tek rifle, thus has to keep itself quite a distance away from the player target, unlike almost all other ark creatures, that aim to go as close as possible for melee attacks.

This results in me having to use my own AI controller BP. Fair enough, and then I went to edit the behaviors.
Naturally I was forced to use Bot_BT and BotAttack_BT together, as those would let my bot attack from a shooting distance as I wanted, but then, going down to the no enemy section, adding ‘dinoseek_BT’ would seem to work just fine, as the creature would begin to roam around in the area. Nice!!

Here comes the problem:
Whenever the Dinoseek_BT behavior is selected, I experience that my human enemy creatures, when provoked, will only attack the player 1 time and 1 time only before running around in different directions- before then returning to fire one bullet at the player, and so repeating the cycle after that.

This is not normal, as normally, the bot/creature is supposed to be focused on the player target once aggressive, and should not stop firing and attacking for any reasons.

What could be causing this? I’ve tried everything, from copying and editing my own versions of the Dinoseek_BT, Bot_BT and Botattack_BT, to seeing if maybe it was some options about dino fleeing going haywire, but no- nothing! I can’t seem to figure out why this is happening.

If anyone could know what may be causing my creature to flee for a short moment after only one shot at the player, please tell me! And-Or if you know a better, easier way for me to add wandering to a creature that doesnt usually wander, then please do that too!!! Thats kinda the goal about all of this; so I can have a functional, wandering human npc that will attack if provoked!

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi LockeGen, Welcome to the forums!

Great post/description!

The truth is, UE Forums ARK modding section has very little activity. I’d try posting this on an ARK modding discord and/or reddit.

Another path forward would be to re-create the BehaviourTree/AI in UE and approach it as a general UE problem.

Here are some videos that will help you grok BTs Livestream , Training Vid