Weird colors for video on Android (see pics inside)

Hi. I am having a problem that is driving me crazy.
I used videos a lot of times without problem but now I am having a werid problem.
I have a video that looks ok in the editor (PC) but when I launch the project in my android device colors looks totally wrong:

I tried using a different video from an old project and same problem. I use the current video in an old project and plays ok! So the problem is in the project setup , the material…problem is not in the video.

I tried deleting EVERYTHING unreal and project related in my android device, delete intermediate, binaries, saved folders, rebuild everything…I dont know whatelse to try.

Any clue?

Also…this weird colors are JUST for the video…other materials in the scene looks ok.

adding a Widget with anything inside fixes it :frowning:

exactly the same without the text in the widget.

this is ridiculous…

the only (nonsense) workaround I found for now is just put a very small text (size 2) in a corner