Weird collision on player start

I am trying to create a way for the player to be able to crawl underneath the porch that I have here but it doesn’t matter what kind of collision I put on the porch, simple or convex, it won’t allow the player start to climb underneath. How do I set it up so I am able to climb underneath objects like this porch.

Note: Already tried to setup simple collision on it where it wraps around the porch, didn’t work. I am not that great with collision so any tips would be appreciated that I haven’t tried. Thank you.

Take a look at the view in player collision mode. If it doesn’t look ‘porch shaped’, you need to fix the collision

Hey thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I switched to Player Collision mode and I see color around the porch as it should be. No collision obstructing the player movement. Would it have something to do with the camera? I’ve tried different porchs and they all have collision obstruction underneath. Maybe it’s a player pawn problem? I say that because I raised the porch up and am able to walk underneath it just fine so maybe it’s a problem with the player controller. New to the collision editing so I’m confused here.

Ok, then it’s just too low for the player.