Weird collision detection of WheeledVehicle with SplineMesh road

Collision was set to “Use complex as simple”.
First of all, I thought, car collision was detected on road seams. But, it collides on any part of the road.
Maybe friction of Physics Material is too big? It was set to 0.0001. So, it should slide, not block.
Tried to find MinContactOffset and MaxContactOffset optimal values in project settings - does not change anything.
WheeledVehicle blueprint callback “OnComponentHit” does not work. Simulation generates hit events was set to true.
Can naybody tell me, what is going wrong?

Hi staseg,

Can you provide any detail as to how your vehicle collision is set up? I might be able to help since I’m also working on a car-game where I ran into a similar issue.
Maybe also some details regarding the springs/wheels. Are they using line tracing or a primitive collider?

Things that might resolve the issue:

  • Increase the resolution of the road mesh (Worked in my case since the triangulation of the mesh created bumps in the road on sharp turns)

  • Set the Friction Combine Mode from Average to Min (Will ensure that the friction value you’ve set for your car is not combined with the road’s friction; results in ‘slippery’ physics)

  • Will work if the collision shape of the vehicle’s body is what is causing the sudden stop.
    If this is the case, and changing the *friction *and *friction combine mode *doesn’t help, try and make a slimmer collision shape for your vehicle so there is more space between the car and the road.

A few of the actual collisions appear to be a delayed reaction to hitting the round object in the road at the start. I’m basing that on how the vehicle goes up and spins to the left in those cases.