Weird clipping which I cant explain (Emitter on mesh)


Here is a gif that explains it better than I ever could.

You see that that always pretty much exact half of my black crack is clipped in the mesh, always. On this mesh.
On the other mesh it works perfectly fine, always. Independent of my view, angle or location. So I have to assume that my code works fine and the problem is the mesh.
I could copy the working mesh, place it where the notworking mesh is and it would work fine. But I dont want to replace all meshes and even more I want to know whats happening here.

I created the meshes by using the box brush and then converted into meshes. All of them are created this way.

Thank you for every input!


I’m thinking the offending mesh is not exactly flat. Is that a decal? Try placing it slightly higher…

Hey! :slight_smile:

Its was a box brush which was converted to a mesh. So if there is no weird issues with those box brushes it should be completely flat.
And from what my eyes can catch its flat.

The crack is a 2D Plane with texture spawned with a niagara system


PS: The weird thing is that it always clips the same. Always at half, independent of where I spawn it on the mesh.
PPS: Sure I could spawn it a little bit higher, but that should not happen and I would like to know why that is.

Converting brushes to meshes doesn’t produce the best UV’s out there… try before the conversion or use an actual mesh.