Weird character movement after attach a Blueprint actor to the character's camera

I’m trying to insert a Weapon Blueprint Child in my FPS character in two principal ways:

  1. dragging the Weapon Blueprint under the character’s camera
  2. Spawn the Weapon Blueprint and afterwards attach it to a scene component alredy attached to the camera

But in both ways my character start moving weird, sometimes it starts mooving really fast when i look down and no matter which direction i press, it will always go to the left direction. Other times it starts flying.

I tried different camera setting and adding a camera boom but i still have no idea what’s going on.
Sorry for my bad english and i hope someone could help me :slight_smile:

Check collision for your weapon and your character. Try to set collision to none or ignore for your weapon. Your character is probably colliding with weapon.

I had alredy set the collision to none for the mesh of the weapon but i forgot to set no collision also for the muzzle flash plane! Now it seems to work!
Thank you very much Mr. Wood!