Weird Camera Glitch

I have been working on a “True FirstPerson Shooter” game lately and stumbled across this annoying camera movement only when the player is moving back or sideways
Processing: CameraGlitchFPS.mp4…
At first I thought my camera was glitching because it’s in the player head socket and making these shakes due to the movement in the animation
But when I used another camera (Not attached to the player mesh) the glitching persists.

This is the camera view in thirdperson
For my project I enabled “use controller rotation yaw” in ThirdpersonCharacter(self) and “Use control pawn rotation” in the firstperson camera.
I am also using blendspace 1D for my movement, I even tried using a 8 directional blendspace, but no luck
Can anyone please help me out with this one

Thank you

Alright, I figured it out myself, I just had to add a spring arm as parent to the camera and set camera lag.