Weird Camera Angle or Game Starts with other camera before switching? Help?

I have a side scroller game. When I start a level the camera focuses on my pawn and moves perfectly. I want the level to start paused and then when the player hits the start button the level begins. The problem im having is when I pause the game as soon as the level loads(pause game node BP), the camera is in a weird place and not looking at the level or the pawn. I have the camera set up in my pawns BP and works exactly how I would like and doesnt appear to flash to a different camera or anything. If I set a delay of .01 before the pause game node the camera is in the right place and its fine, but kinda messes up things a bit cause of the delay. Not sure if this is using my pawn camera or if its using a created camera I can only see as the game is playing. Idk. Not sure if this made enough sense. What im looking to do is set up the game where it pauses as soon as it loads, then the player hits a button and the level starts or a countdown unpauses the level(which im having trouble with as well). Using two delays wouldnt work either. I cant do that if the camera is starting off not even looking at the level. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.