Weird C++ Compiling Issue

Okay, I’ve got a really weird problem that I’m hoping to get some help with. I seem to be able to reproduce it and make it go away, but it always comes back and I don’t know why. Here’s everything I think it pertinent, but if there’s something else needed to assist, let me know.

Basic problem:

I have a variable in a C++ class:

.h code:

UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadOnly, Category = "Turn Timer")
float CurrentTurnTimerPercent;

I created a blueprint based off the C++ class. In this blueprint, I make reference to this float in Tick (which I then pass to the GUI to update a progress bar; think ATB gauge in classic RPGs).

Now, this works. No issue. Except for when I close my project down and come back the next day. Without changing anything, the float returns 0 (therefore keeping the progress bar empty). If I go back into my code, make any modification (even something as benign as putting in a comment code) that forces a build, then everything works again. There is zero issue until I close down for the night and come back again the next day. Same problem.

When I package the project, everything works fine.

The only other piece of information to add that may be playing a part is that I’m using Perforce for source control.

I’d love any help with this, as it’s driving me crazy.