Weird Bug - simple blueprint

Can someone explain why is this happening or it is unexplainable? I need to create infinity loop in order to make my game work, thats how things in games work - objects are being checked almost every frame for event conditions that are ouside any actions character can take. If you know you know.
Anyway please take a look at the two screenshots and test them yourself see what happens, This infinity loop works just fine and im happy that unreal lets me do infinity loops as normally i get errors.
BUT WHY AM I GETTING 3 MESSAGES AT THE SAME TIME ? :smiley: it should be only one and I get 3 at the same time always forever

No engine allows for infinite loops. An Infinite Loop means that the application has crashed. It may be a naming convention misunderstanding here, though - what you’re doing is not even a loop and definitely not an infinite one.

The engine is set up to catch run-away loops at 100k by default (afair):


This can be increased. The is the number of iterations in a single frame (I think?) after exceeding which the engine will throw a very specific error.

Why are you even doing it like this? (I mean, the reason is irrelevant - it’s your application after all and you’ll be debugging the nightmarish latent system’s events yourself). All I’m saying is that a timer could be handy in such cases, consider it:

It also comes with all sort of goodies! Can be paused, measured, invalidated and so on.

Check out my other answer regarding why this may be triggering 3 times. It does not - you probably have 3 instances of this actor in to world. Or do something else behind the scenes we do not see here.

hiii Dimshvaebene… on the right-hand side, there are two macros with the same name. are you sure you use the right one.

its two different macroes, one is “Infinity Loop With Delay” the other is “Infinity Loop With Delay And Sequence”, the first one is only spamming interval ticks, second is sending instant Then 0 and then start interval ticking to Then 1 and again to Then 0 instant, however i use Then 0 only for “Do Once” when game starts to save all scales of the objects because later they start to change their sizes and i need keep information of their original sizes which i use later to bring them back, i just realize my game can be more sick that it appears in my mind :smiley: its a crazy one objects start to slowly get bigger when you stare at them and are reset but it illusions you that they always come towards you, when you move the camera whatever is in front of you starts to get bigger, this can make you crazy but yet im still nowhere in completing this

you are completely right i have it 3 times in the world. its such a reliefe i am happy when i am wrong about something because i can fix myself easy :smiley:
about infinity loops i definetely need one because what am i doing is lets say i shoot invisible line tracer from my center of the screen (or which i also want to do not just the center but a whole radius) and everytime this tracer hit an object this object must grow a little, i need to “shoot” it again automatically to make it keep growing, because if i move away the camera this object must stop grow and must go back to its original scale size. i do this trough 2 events that have infinity loop of 0.2 seconds delay intervals and a timeline that make objects grow in 0.2 seconds
i never used the set timer by event node, is this going to do the job for me? and how? thanks in advance
so thats it all the game i must shoot trace lines, and all objects that can be interacted must spam equal intervals ticks to check if i shot them or not within the last 0.2 seconds and if not they must do something
with the current setup this is working just fine, i did not reach 100000 ticks i believe but i tried with different infinity loops setup and the game did not run at all, for which i had infinity loop error, with this setup i dont get the error

Perhaps you should refer to it as a repeater. Loops in Unreal are bound to execute within a single frame - that’s where the engine limiter kicks in. Here we’re just executing something every X milliseconds. We’re not really iterating through anything.

if i shot them or not within the last
0.2 seconds

Have a look at the Timer’s Get Timer Elapsed Time... (in the pic). It will tell you how much time has gone since it’s started. On the other hand, I’m under the impression you might be overcomplicating things or I did not understand what you’re trying to achieve.

I posted an animation in one of your threads - blue boxes scaling up & down. How close is that to what you’re after?

they work great, can i make them grow forever, or in another case grow for example from scale 1 to scale 3 then repeat grow from scale 2 to scale 3 and when crossover stops still bring them back to scale 0,
if you made those with set timer by event im sure it will work i just dont know how to use the node