Weird Bug/Lighting Issue when taking Highresshot

So I’m trying to take some screenshots for a current project I am working but am getting some weird lighting only after taking a highresshot. I’ve attached an image demonstrating the error.

The image on the left is a print-screen of the scene to show how the little rocks are supposed to read (with shadows and all.) The image on the right is the scene from a Highresshot 2. All the rocks accept full lights as if there are no walls.

All the little rocks are placed using the foliage tool, so it must have something to do with that. I have tried almost everything I can think of to fix the problem, I rebuilt their lightmaps, changed lightmap resolution, played with the foliage tool settings and can not seem to figure any solution out.

I’m almost positive that in UDK you were able to replace your instanced meshes with actual static meshes being referenced, I was hoping this would solve my problme but I cannot find this option in UE4 ;(

If anyone has a solution please let me know. I know the obvious one will be to replace the foliage tool rocks with actual static meshes by hand, but any work around would save me some time!


Hey TannerLambo -

The scene looks great and I can see why you want to fix those small stones. Static Lighting is not supported on foliage so shadows are rendered dynamically, this is probably the main culprit in the drastic shading differences. Can you let me know what type of lighting you have in the scene, just a directional light, or some fills and a directional?

Eric Ketchum

@Eric Ketchum Thanks for the quick response. Ahhh I didn’t think of that possibility, currently I have a directional light set to stationary and a sky light set to stationary as well. Any recommendations on which settings would be most helpful for the scene?

Hey TannerLambo -

Can you give me a screenshot of you two lights detail panels? I can suggest what to do once I have a clear idea of what your settings currently are. Also as a test see if you have the same issues after switching the directional light to Moveable.

Heres a shot of the lighting details.

I also switched the lights to moveable to see how that would work. It got rid of the issue on the stones but some of my other meshes are receiving some strange lighting. Would changing the type of static meshes to dynamic help this?