Weird Behaviour on Pawn and Player Controller

Okay, so i’ve just converted my 4.10 Project to 4.11 and theres some weird behaviour in my controls:
So my Pawn is just a Camera on a spring arm with a “FloatingPawnMovement” Component.
And on pressing the Right mouse button (InputActionRMB) it shall open the Gate which then moves this Pawn into some Direction. Now theres this weird stuff: I have this “Set ShowMouseCursor” in front of it. When it is setup like this the Pawn does not move (even though the function [AddMovementInput] is fired [tried it with a breakpoint]). BUT if i change the “ShowMouseCursor” on pressed to “True” and on Released to “False” it does move (after i pressed the Right mouse button twice). What kind of behaviour is this? Is there something wrong with my settings or understanding of this? On 4.10 it works as intended.

Thank you in advance!