Weird Behavior with Hair Material + Volumetric Cloud / Sky Atmosphere

Loaded the “Time of Day” map preset. Facial hair and eyelashes card glow by default (1st pic).
Disabling the volumetric clouds appears to fix it, as does the disabling the sun. Only appears to affect the hair cards (not strand or mesh hair) and only beards and eyelashes. Seems to happen at any sun position when the sun is occluded by a volumetric cloud but not if the sun is unobstructed.

Clouds Off:

Strand LOD:

Mesh Beard: (This LOD looks awful btw)

Hi, this could be a LOD related problem… Does the eyelash glow happen if camera is close to subject?

It definitely only happens at the LODs with hair cards. Mesh and strand hair are fine. The beard also glows. It can be eliminated by changing some of the material settings but I haven’t explored fully what the visual impact are for those parameters. The 3rd screenshot shows that the weird reflection is not present when close and the 4th show it is not present when far. Only the middle LODs are effected.

I’m surprised there are no solutions posted, I’ve seen this problem in several discussions and am experiencing it myself